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Transport of isotropic particles in a partially obstructed channel flow

Author(s): Antoine Joly; Damien Violeau; Frederic Moulin; Dominique Astruc; Christophe Kassiotis

Linked Author(s): Antoine Joly, Damien Violeau, Frederic Moulin, Dominique Astruc

Keywords: Lagrangian model; partially obstructed channel; particle diffusion; stochastic transport; video particle tracking

Abstract: The transport of particles in turbulent flows is a common problem in hydraulic engineering. In this paper, the focus is set on a numerical model used to simulate the transport of small bodies (debris, algae, etc.) along a coastline. In this problem, the particles are larger than the small turbulent eddies, but smaller than the large turbulent eddies, and sufficiently diluted within the flow so that each particle does not affect the flow or the motion of other particles. A mixed Eulerian–Lagrangian approach was chosen in order to model a large flow area with sufficient information for the turbulent diffusion. This model is validated through an experiment on particles released into a partially obstructed channel flow. The measurements are then compared with simulations using two Eulerian industrial codes, Telemac-2D and OpenFoam. Finally, an application to algae bloom transport in a harbour is presented.


Year: 2012

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