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Wilfrid Noel Bond and the Bond number

Author(s): Willi H. Hager

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Keywords: Biography; Bond number; history; hydraulics; surface tension; viscosity

Abstract: Although the Bond number is generally known in fluid mechanics to describe the effects of surface tension and weight of a liquid drop or bubble, W.N. Bond as an individual is currently hardly known. Based on a lucky coincidence, the author was able to find documents, medals and photographs through his grandson. This work describes on the one hand the physical background of Bond's works, mainly relating to the measurement of viscosity and surface tension, the significance and relevance of the Bond number, and the professional and private background of a young and outstanding individual, who tragically passed away due to a serious illness. It is hoped that the basic knowledge of fluid flow is revitalized by this work, and that similar projects may be directed to the understanding of the historical developments of the hydraulic community.


Year: 2012

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