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Combined flow-altering countermeasures against bridge pier scour

Author(s): Roberto Gaudio; Ali Tafarojnoruz; Francesco Calomino

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Keywords: Bridge pier; countermeasure; erosion; flow altering; movable bed; scour

Abstract: This study presents the results of clear-water tests on the following five combined flow-altering countermeasures against bridge pier scour: (1) submerged vanes and a bed sill, (2) slot and sacrificial piles, (3) a collar and sacrificial piles, (4) a slot and a collar, and (5) a bed sill and a collar. Each countermeasure was designed on the basis of the best configuration recommended in the literature. The results clarify that an improper combination of two countermeasures may be less effective than each individual countermeasure; combinations (1), (2), and (3) do not reduce the scour depth significantly with respect to the single countermeasures; combination (3) increases the scour rate during the first few hours with respect to a single collar; combination (4) may also prevent scour intrusion beneath a collar; and combination (5) in the best configuration reduces the scour depth significantly around the collar with respect to maximum scour depth of the unprotected pier, preventing also the scour hole reaching the pier body.


Year: 2012

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