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Jet diffusion inside a confined chamber

Author(s): G. Adriana Camino; David Z. Zhu; Nallamuthu Rajaratnam

Linked Author(s): Adriana Camino, David Z. Zhu, N. Rajaratnam

Keywords: Confined jet; energy dissipation; hydraulics; jet diffusion; recirculating flow

Abstract: Assessing the amount of energy dissipation that can be achieved by simple jet diffusion in a confined environment has considerable practical importance. Previous works on jets in confined enclosures have indicated that the entrainment of a recirculating fluid greatly enhances the dissipation of the inflow kinetic energy and reduces the length of the potential core. In the present experimental work, a vertical jet issuing into a rectangular chamber is investigated under two types of confinement and three locations of entry. Detailed velocity measurements for an eccentric jet are obtained to assess the evolution of the axial jet centreline velocity and the turbulent characteristics. These results are compared with classical jet behaviour and jets under other confined conditions. A method to predict the energy dissipation attained by jet diffusion in a confined chamber is also proposed.


Year: 2012

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