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Verification of Q-QUICK scheme for convective flux in incompressible flow on unstructured grids

Author(s): Zulin Hua; Linghang Xing; Kejian Chu; Li Gu

Linked Author(s): Zulin Hua, Li GU

Keywords: Convective flux; Incompressible flow; Numerical computation; Q-QUICK; Unstructured grid

Abstract: Accuracy of convective flux approximation is important for numerical computation of incompressible flow on unstructured grids. The Quasi-QUICK scheme by Davidson is proposed to improve the accuracy of convective flux approximation. The numerical performances of the Q-QUICK scheme on unstructured grids are explored, including numerical accuracy, convergence stability, CPU time consumption and solution sensitivity to high grid deformation. Several test cases such as 90° and 30° 2D lid-driven cavity flows, diverging channel and 3D lid-driven cavity flow are considered. The results show that the Q-QUICK scheme performs well in terms of numerical accuracy, convergence stability or adaptability to high grid deformation if compared with other schemes. Moreover, the convergence speed of momentum equation and CPU time consumptions are also compared for each type of grid and scheme.


Year: 2009

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