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The effect of floodplain roughness on flow structures, bedforms and sediment transport rates in meandering channels with overbank flows: Part I

Author(s): K. Shiono; Tony L. Chan; Jake Spooner; P. Rameshwaran; J. H. Chandler

Linked Author(s): Ponnambalam Rameshwaran, Jim H. Chandler

Keywords: Compound meandering channel; floodplain roughness; flow structure with bed forms

Abstract: Studies were carried out to understand the effect of floodplain roughness on flow structures, sediment transport rates and bedforms in a mobile meandering channel with overbank flows. Three floodplain roughnesses were examined in this study. Flow structures and bedforms were measured using a three component laser Doppler anemometer (LDA) system and digital photogrammetry, respectively. Comparisons of flow structures and bedforms between different floodplain rougheness are made. Considerable changes in the flow structure and bed form were observed. In particular, multiple secondary flow cells along the meandering channel occur at deeper water depths as the floodplain roughness increases. These cells also cause a series of wavy bedforms along the meandering channel. This paper is separated into two parts. Part I concentrates, in detail, on the flow structure with bedforms in the meandering channel for overbank flow as to change of floodplain roughness. The sister paper, Part II, concentrates on bed form formation during flood, sediment transport rates and flow resistance in the main channel and floodplain.


Year: 2009

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