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Effect of spacing of two offset jets on scouring phenomena

Author(s): Dipa Dey; T.I. Eldho

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Keywords: Experimentation; hydraulic structure; numerical simulation; offset jets; scour

Abstract: The excessive scour action of jets near may lead to failure of hydraulic structures. Although jet scour was experimentally and numerically investigated, few literature is available on the scour effects of multiple jets. An effort was made to analyze the effect of two offset jets on the scouring process in this study. Laboratory experiments were conducted to predict the effect of these jets on scour and the results were analyzed using a numerical model. The tests involved two offset jets with a center to center spacing of 1 to 4 jet diameters. Based on the experimental investigations and the data generated, the flow in scour hole was simulated using the FLUENT software. The main flow properties such as the velocity, the turbulent kinetic energy, the wall and the bed shear stresses were computed. Based on these investigations, the various jet characteristics on scour were analyzed.


Year: 2009

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