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Closure problem to jet scour

Author(s): Dr. Ir. Gijs J.C.M. Hoffmans

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Keywords: Air entrainment; jet flow; maximum scour depth; Newton's law; plunge pool scour; scour; validation

Abstract: This paper presents an update of a relation for jet scour in the equilibrium phase, originally developed by Hoffmans (1998). Newton's law of motion is applied to a mass of fluid particles to derive a relation expressing maximum scour depth. With respect to Hoffmans (1998) the closure problem is solved by introducing a critical friction factor that represents the strength of loose material. The total flow depth at equilibrium scour, i.e. the sum of the maximum scour depth and the tailwater depth can be calculated by applying a relation presented below, which is based on the solution of a set of eight equations with eight unknowns. A significant amount of work from other researchers has been drawn together to validate the proposed scour relation.


Year: 2009

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