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Scour protection of circular bridge piers with collars and slots

Author(s): A.T. Moncada-M; J. Aguirre-Pe; J.C. Bolívar; E.J. Flores

Linked Author(s): Alix T. Moncada M., Julián Aguirre Pe

Keywords: Bridge piers; collar–slot combination; local scour; pier collar; pier slot; protection device; scour

Abstract: Findings on further investigations on the effects produced by a collar around a circular pier and by the piercing of a rectangular slot for controlling the scour depth are presented. Experiments were conducted using uniform sand and a circular pier of 7.3 cm diameter. The Froude number varied between 0.20 and 0.32. Two collars of 14.6 cm and 21.9 cm diameter were first investigated. Subsequently, a slot of 1.8 cm width and variable length was pierced on the central pier section. It was found that when the collar was placed at the bed level, the minimum depth of scour was reached. The scour depth is reduced when the collar diameter is increased, and the most favorable location to decrease the local scour was obtained by placing the slot near the bed. The scour depth decreases as the slot length increases and was almost entirely eliminated when applying the collar–slot combination for the considered flow conditions.


Year: 2009

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