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Application of Multi-Block method for simulating shallow free surface flows in complex geometries

Author(s): M.R. Hadian; A.R. Zarrati

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Keywords: Complex geometry; depth correction; free surface; implicit; multi block; numerical model; shallow-flow

Abstract: In the present study a numerical method is developed for simulating shallow free surface flows in complex geometries. A Multi-Block (MB) method is employed in conjunction with non-orthogonal curvilinear coordinate system. This technique gives the numerical method a high flexibility to tackle flow domains with any complex boundary which may be encountered in nature. The MB method utilizes patched grid with continuous grid lines across block boundaries. In this paper the MB methods is applied to 2-D shallow flows. However, this technique is extendable to 3-D models too. The model is based on collocated grid arrangement and the control volume method is used for solution of equations. The method is implicit and uses a SIMPLEC-like algorithm to find the water surface elevation. The flexibility and accuracy of the model is presented in few test cases with complex block arrangement and circulating flows.


Year: 2008

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