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Impedance matrix method for transient analysis of complicated pipe networks

Author(s): S. Kim

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Keywords: Water distribution systems; transient analysis; impedance matrix method; frequency domain; pipe networks

Abstract: An alternative approach for the transient analysis of a pipe network is explored in this paper. If the condition of steady oscillatory flow is met, then transient analysis will show that the impedance matrix method at surge responses is identical to the method of characteristics. The interpolation issue of the platform of numerical analysis can be neglected in the developed method. Impedance transfer functions are derived for a simple looped pipeline. The impedance matrix method has been developed for a heterogeneous and complicated pipe network. The tremendous number of derivations of impedances for a complicated pipe network is replaced by a simple linear complex system. Identical impedance responses in the frequency domain are found between analytically derived impedances and computed impedances from impedance matrix method. The impedance matrix method is simple to implement and also requires much less memory storage and execution time for predicting pressures and discharges of several points for a hypothetical complicated pipe network than the method of characteristics does


Year: 2007

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