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Numerical modeling of heavy metal pollutant transport-transformation in fluvial rivers

Author(s): Sui Liang Huang; Zhao Huiwan; Paul Smith

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Keywords: Heavy metal pollutant; transport-transformation; mathematical model; fluvial river; sediment-motion-related pollutants; water–sediment–pollutant interaction

Abstract: On the basis of comprehensively reviewing existing mathematical models, a mathematical model describing heavy metal transport-transformation (dynamics) in its entity in fluvial rivers has been worked out by using basic principals of environmental chemistry, hydraulics and mechanics of sediment transport and recent developments obtained by pioneers, and especially by the authors. Effects of sediment transport on heavy metal pollutant transport-transformation are clarified through two examples. Specifically, the transport-transformation of heavy metal pollutants in a steady, uniform equilibrium sediment-laden flow is calculated by applying this model, and the results are shown to be rational. Results of theoretical analysis and calculations indicate that the transport-transformation of heavy metal pollutants in sediment-laden flows possesses not only the generality of common tracer pollutants, but also characteristics of transport-transformation induced by sediment motion


Year: 2007

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