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Effect of wash load on flow resistance

Author(s): N.K. Khullar; U.C. Kothyari; K.G. Ranga Raju

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Keywords: Flow resistance; friction factor; suspended load; wash load

Abstract: Results of an experimental study on the effects of concentration of wash load on the resistance to flow in an alluvial channel are presented. The experiments were carried out under different hydraulic conditions in a 30-m long, 0.204-m wide and 0.5-m deep tilting flume. The bed material used consisted of three different sediments: two having uniform sizes and one with non-uniform size distribution. Analysis of these data as well as those from literature on rigid-boundary channels has shown that the effect of presence of fine suspended sediment on flow resistance is not the same in the loose-bed and rigid-bed channels. Criterion for change in the value of the friction factor and relations for friction factor in the presence of suspended sediment have been proposed for loose-bed and rigid-bed channels


Year: 2007

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