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Boundary conditions in a two-layer geomorphological model. Application to a

Author(s): é Savary; Yves Zech

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Keywords: Boundary conditions; two-layer shallow-water model; transcritical flow; characteristics; non-equilibrium sediment

Abstract: The one-dimensional numerical model presented in the present paper divides the flow in two fully coupled layers, a water layer and a water-sediment transport layer. Initially, this model was used to depict dam-break flows, which do not require a specific treatment of boundary conditions. The aim of the present research is to extend the model to fluvial flows requiring an appropriate boundary condition treatment. This treatment commonly relies on characteristics. However, in the frame of a two-layer model with five equations, those characteristics are not obvious to determine. This paper shows, how to extend numerically the common eigenstructure analysis to address the problem. Examples are presented and the boundary conditions treatment is illustrated on the particular case of a hydraulic jump over a mobile bed. Results of the numerical model including the adequate boundary conditions are favourably compared to experimental results.


Year: 2007

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