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Effects of using different sediment transport formulae and methods of computing Manning's roughness coefficient on numerical modeling of sediment transport

Author(s): Sui Liang Huang

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Keywords: Sediment transport formulae; movable bed roughness formulae; bed deformation; numerical modeling; NCCHE2D model

Abstract: Five extensively validated sediment transport formulae and three methods of specifying loose bed roughness were implemented into CCHE2D model of 2002 version. The CCHE2D model is a depth integrated two-dimensional hydrodynamic and non-uniform sediment transport model widely used in both steady and unsteady flows. The comparison of the simulated results and measured data indicates that applying a movable bed roughness formula to compute Manning's roughness coefficient can greatly improve the prediction of bed degradation in sediment transport models. And validation of sediment transport formulae is significantly needed in numerically modeling sediment transport and bed deformation processes. The adaptive length for different sediment transport formulae tested in this study can be taken as a reference for future application.


Year: 2007

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