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The extended homogenous cavitation transport model

Author(s): I. Biluš; A. Predin; L. Škerget

Linked Author(s): Ignacijo Bilus, Andrej Predin

Keywords: Cavitation; numerical simulation; hydrofoil; turbomachinery

Abstract: Cavitating flows are complex three dimensional flows with phase change in the low pressure regions. These are very sensitive to bubbles formation process and to velocity/pressure pulsations caused by turbulence. The presented cavitation model derived from a reduced Rayleigh–Plesset equation accounts for some of these effects. This model is based on the additional generic transport equation for vapour phase. The cavitation influence over the mixture density and viscosity is included in the model, which is implemented in commercial, general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics code and validated on practical flow examples


Year: 2007

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