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Depth-integrated flow modelling taking into account bottom curvature

Author(s): B.J. Dewals; S. Erpicum; P. Archambeau; S. Detrembleur; M. Pirotton

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Keywords: Shallow water; finite volume; curvilinear coordinates; spillway; reservoir; numerical model

Abstract: Successfully modelling flows over a spillway and on strongly vertically curved bottoms is a challenge for any depth-integrated model. This type of computation requires the use of axes properly inclined along the mean flow direction in the vertical plane and a modelling of curvature effects. The proposed generalized model performs such computations by means of suitable curvilinear coordinates in the vertical plane, leading to a fully integrated approach. This means that the flows in the upstream reservoir, on the spillway, in the stilling basin and in the downstream river reach are all handled in a single simulation. The velocity profile is generalized in comparison with the uniform one usually assumed in the classical shallow water equations. The pressure distribution is modified as a function of the bottom curvature and is thus not purely hydrostatic. Representative test cases, as well as the application of the extended model to the design of a large hydraulic structure in Belgium, lead to satisfactory validation results


Year: 2006

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