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Sediment discharge prediction in meandering compound channels

Author(s): Ralica D. Karamisheva; John F. Lyness; W. Robert C. Myers; John O'Sullivan

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Keywords: Compound channels; meandering channels; sediment transport; overbank flow

Abstract: Three sediment transport formulae have been applied to experimental data for sediment transport during inbank and overbank flow in meandering compound channels. The experimental tests were undertaken in the large-scale UK Flood Channel Facility and the small-scale Ulster Channel. The relative depth and channel sinuosity were taken as criteria to establish where sediment transport takes place. An attempt to find a calculation method capable of accurately predicting the mean velocity in the main channel and the total channel cross-sections has been made. Comparison between computed and measured sediment discharges indicates that theYang sediment transport formula applied with the proposed velocity calculation method gives the best predictions for sediment discharge


Year: 2006

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