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A modelling and 3-D simulation system for water erosion on hillslopes—M3DSSWEH

Author(s): Dayong Shen; Kaoru Takara

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Keywords: Modelling; overland flow; soil erosion; 3-D simulation system

Abstract: In this paper, mathematically dialectical logic (MDL)-based modelling idea is discussed. One example of MDL-based erosion model, RSIMWEH, and particle system and metaball technology are integrated into a software system, M3DSSWEH, which has been designed and developed based on the platform of Oracle, Visual C++ and OpenGL to simulate the process of rainfall, overland flow and soil erosion. A case study in China Loess Plateau region shows that the accuracy of RSIMWEH is high and M3DSSWEH can efficiently represent pixel-based sediment-laden flow and soil loss over space and time


Year: 2006

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