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Models for effective density and settling velocity of flocs

Author(s): Ali Khelifa; Paul S. Hill

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Abstract: New models to predict settling velocity and effective density of flocs are proposed. The models are based on the concept of fractal geometry, but with the assumption of variable fractal dimension with the floc size. The best results are obtained when the fractal dimension is estimated by a power law function of the floc diameter. The models are compared with observations from 26 published data sets relating floc size to settling velocity measured under various conditions and at different locations. The floc size covered by the data varies between 1.4 and about 25,500µm. Five commonly used models are also compared to these data and found to reproduce inadequately the full range of the observations. Sensitivity analysis shows that, with the proposed models, the spread in the data may be reproduced by varying the size of primary particles from about 0.05 to 20µm. The new models are proposed for integration into numerical models to simulate sediment transport of cohesive sediments, contaminants, and biological microorganisms such as phytoplankton.


Year: 2006

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