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Interaction of vertical round turbulent buoyant jets—Part I: Entrainment restriction approach

Author(s): Panayotis C. Yannopoulos; George C. Noutsopoulos

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Keywords: Two buoyant jets; infinite row of buoyant jets; jet interaction; jet merging; axial velocity and concentration measurements; short and long diffusers; integral model; model verification

Abstract: Experiments using two, three or five interacting identical round vertical turbulent buoyant jets were performed, using tap water as the jet liquid and salt water as the ambient liquid. Measurements were made of the centreline axial velocity and the centreline and transverse concentrations for each row of buoyant jets. Centreline values have been normalized by the single identical jet values measured at the same axial distances. The integral forms of the momentum and tracer equations were integrated on the reduced cross-sectional area with restricted entrainment periphery, utilizing the assumption used for single buoyant jets regarding the spreading coefficient function. The analysis led to unified analytical expressions concerning the normalized axial velocity and concentration distributions along the jet axis: (a) for one of a pair of buoyant jets and (b) for a jet of an infinite row of buoyant jets. The present findings are discussed and compared with other works reported in the literature. Findings should be useful for design purposes, laboratory simulation studies and verification of numerical models.


Year: 2006

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