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3D flow field in a scour hole at a wing-wall abutment

Author(s): Subhasish Dey; Abdul Karim Barbhuiya

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Keywords: Abutments; three-dimensional flow; turbulent flow; open channel flow; scour; sediment transport; hydraulics

Abstract: Experiment was conducted in a laboratory flume to measure the 3D turbulent flow field by an acoustic Doppler velocimeter in a scour hole at a 45? wing-wall abutment under a clear water regime. The profiles of time-averaged velocity components, turbulence intensity components, turbulent kinetic energy and Reynolds stresses at different azimuthal planes are presented. In the upstream, vector plots of flow field at azimuthal and horizontal planes show the presence of a large primary vortex associated with a downflow within the scour hole. In the downstream, the flow is upward. The bed shear stresses within the scour hole are estimated from the Reynolds stresses and the velocity gradients. The data presented in this study would be useful to the researchers for the future development and validation of theoretical models of flow field in a scour hole at bridge abutments


Year: 2006

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