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Mixing layer oscillations for a submerged horizontal wall-jet

Author(s): Lloyd H.C. Chua; Eng Ban Shuy

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Keywords: Mixing layer; shear layer; wall-jet; instability; large-scale structures; linear stability analysis

Abstract: Measurements of the horizontal velocity component were made for a horizontal wall-jet emanating from a submerged sluice gate forming one side of a large flow compartment. The existence of large-scale vortex structures was quantified by spectral analysis of the velocity measurements taken at various distances from the floor of the flow compartment, for different measurement stations from the jet exit. Close to the jet exit, the spectra of the velocity measurements within the potential core exhibit multiple peaks. Further downstream, the spectra are more defined and peak at the same frequency, irrespective of whether the measurements were made within the potential core or the mixing layer. The spectral peak corresponds to the passage frequency of large-scale vortex structures. Downstream of the potential core, the peak frequencies of the velocity spectra increase as the measurement location was moved towards the floor of the flow compartment. The increase in peak frequencies is attributed to fluctuations associated with the wall boundary layer. Predictions of the mixing layer instabilities were made using linear stability analysis. The predictions are in good agreement with the observed vortex shedding frequencies in the mixing layer


Year: 2006

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