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Physical modelling of the flow field in an undular tidal bore

Author(s): H. Chanson Miahr

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Abstract: A tidal bore may form in a converging channel with a funnel shape when the tidal range exceeds 6-9 m. The advancing surge has a major impact on the estuarine ecosystem. Physical modelling of an undular bore has been conducted based upon a quasi-steady flow analogy. The experimental data highlight rapid flow redistributions between successive wave troughs and crests as well as large bottom shear stress variations. The results suggest a sediment transport process combining scour beneath wave troughs associated with upward matter dispersion between a trough and the following wave crest. The process is repeated at each trough and significant sediment transport takes place with deposition in upstream intertidal zones. The conceptual model is supported by field observations showing murky waters after the bore passage and long-lasting chaotic waves.


Year: 2005

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