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Validation of a three-dimensional numerical model for water-pump intakes

Author(s): Songheng LI; Yong Lai; Larry Weber; Jose Matos Silva; V. C. Patel

Linked Author(s): Yong Lai, Jose Matos Silva

Keywords: CFD model; numerical simulation; water-pump intakes; validation

Abstract: A non-hydrostatic three-dimensional (3D) numerical model with capability to use arbitrarily shaped cells has recently been developed and validated. This model solves the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations with the two-equation turbulence models. A unique feature of the model is the use of unstructured grid with flexible mesh cell shapes. The robustness and validation of the model have been demonstrated for an open channel flow and an internal flow. This paper reports further extension and validation of the model for simulating flows in water-pump intakes. This flow combines aspects of open channel and internal flows and the resultant flow is quite complex with various types of vortices and interaction among them. The flow in a relatively simple laboratory intake model, with a straight vertical pump column, is simulated in the study, and the results compared with experimental data to validate the numerical model. It is shown that the model may be used to address flow problems in practical water-pump intakes.


Year: 2004

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