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A multiphase oil spill model

Author(s): Pavlo Tkalich; MD Kamrul Huda; Karina Yew Hoong Gin

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Abstract: A multiphase oil spill model has been developed to simulate consequences of accidental oil spills in the marine environment. Six state variables are computed simultaneously: an oil slick thickness on the water surface; concentration of dissolved, emulsified and paniculate oil phases in the water column; and concentration of dissolved and paniculate oil phases in the bottom sediments. A consistent Eulerian approach is applied across the model, the oil slick thickness is computed using the layer-averaged Navier-Stokes equations, and for transport of the oil phases in the water column the advection-diffusion equation is employed. The kinetic terms are developed to control the oil mass exchange between the variables. The governing equations are verified using test cases, data and other models. The model is useful for short and long-term predictions of the spilled oil dynamics and fate, including application of the oil combating elements, such as chemical dispersants and booms.


Year: 2003

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