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Entrainment studies towards the preservation (containment) of 'freshwaters' in the saline environment

Author(s): Richard Burrows; Kamil H.M. Ali

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Abstract: Flexible floating bottomless containment has recently been considered as a potential means of keeping freshwater separated from seawater in an estuary or coastal area. Speculative applications by the authors for marine located waste stabilisation ponds and for water quality management in salt intruded estuarial impoundments are cued herein. Viability assessment for such schemes calls for ihe study of, amongst other environmental disturbance factors, entrainment across the density-stratified interface between (he freshwater and the saltwater flowing underneath. Experiments conducted with a horizontal wall-jet of saltwater discharging beneath a freshwater body retained by a pair of baffles, to create underflow in a two-layered stratified system, are the focus of attention in this paper Results have been appraised against findings from the literature and implications to the proposed practical applications are discussed. In so doing, the form and structure of the interface between two stratified fluids has been investigated together with the rate of entrainment created by shear flow of the heavier saltwater underlayer.


Year: 2001

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