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Real time control of wastewater systems

Author(s): Wolfgang Schilling; Bengt Andersson; Ulf Nyberg; Henrik Aspegren; Wolfgang Rauch; Poul Harremoës

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Abstract: The application of real time control (RTC) within a wastewater system may be useful if operational problems exist which vary in time and space and if idle capacity in the system is simultaneously available. In a first section in this paper general features of RTC systems are discussed. Typically a RTC system requires hardware that can work under harsh conditions. In addition simulation programs are very useful when the RTC systems and their respective control strategies are to be developed. Finally, in a second section the development of the Malmö-Klagshamn RTC system is described in more detail. This is one of the few wastewater systems where integrated RTC of, both, the sewer system and the treatment plant is applied in full-scale.


Year: 1996

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