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Distribution of turbulent velocity fluctuations in a natural river

Author(s): Nani G. Bhowmik; Buoy S. Mazumder; Renjie Xia; Ta Wei Soong

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Abstract: Turbulent characteristics of flow velocity in a natural river were systematically analyzed in this study. Flow velocities were measured with time at six different lateral locations and at three different vertical elevations on a major navigable waterway in the United States. Analyses of the velocity data include the cross-sectional and vertical distributions of longitudinal and transverse velocity components (u, v), the fluctuating velocity components (u 1, v 1) and their frequency-distribution curves, turbulent intensities (σ x , σ y ), and turbulent shear stress (-ρu 1, v 1). These analyses have shown that the strongest velocity fluctuation occurs near the main channel area above the river bed.


Year: 1995

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