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An experimental study of motion and deposition of gold particles in a mountain river

Author(s): Zhao Yin Wang

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Abstract: Movements of gold particles, along with gravel bed load and suspended load, were simulated in a scale model of a section of the Yangtze River in a mountainous area. The experiment showed that gold particles moved together with the gravel bed load, mainly in saltation. They consistently moved along a narrow path on the river bed. This can be called the path of gold. The path was only a fraction (1/10 to 1/2) of the width of the river bed. Almost no gold was found out side this path, although suspended load and gravel bed load were deposited there. The formation of gold placers was close to braided sections and submerged bars, with the most favorable places for gold to accumulate being in deep pools behind such bars.


Year: 1994

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