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Suspended sediment concentration profiles using conservation laws

Author(s): Nadim M. Aziz; Shyam N. Prasad; Sujan K. Bhattacharya

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Abstract: The suspended sediment transport problem in open channels is studied from the conservation laws point-ofview. Beginning with equations describing the conservation of mass and momentum of both sediment and water, equations for suspended sediment concentrations in free surface flow are derived. Sediment shear and normal stresses are modeled in a manner similar to that of fluid turbulent stresses. Ordinary differential equations for concentration profiles in the viscous sublayer and in the logarithmic velocity region of a steady uniform flow are developed. Although analytical solutions of these equations were attempted, no closed form solution was found. Therefore, a numerical technique such as the fourth order Runge-Kutta method, is used to solve the concentration profile equations. For lack of data in the viscous sublayer, only the concentration profile for flow with the logarithmic velocity distribution is solved and compared to data.


Year: 1992

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