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Book Reviews / Analyses Bibliographiques

Author(s): L. C. van Rijn; Hans J. Leutheusser; P. Novak; A. J. Raudkivi; R.K. Price; Mikio Hino

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Abstract: TRANSPORT OF SUSPENDED SOLIDS IN OPEN CHANNELS Edited by W. Bechteler, 1986, 268 pp., ISBN 9061916445 (hardback), Dfl. 131,25 Published by A. A. Balkema, Postbox 1675, NL 3000 BR Rotterdam, The Netherlands HYDRAULICS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Edited by Andrew Chadwick and John Morfett G. Allan & Unwin Ltd., 40 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LU, U.K.; First published in 1986, Price £ 12.95 and hardback £ 35.00. ISBN 0-046-27004-3. MECHANICS OF SEDIMENT TRANSPORTATION AND ALLUVIAL STREAM PROBLEMS (Second Edition) by R. J. Garde and K. G. Ranga Raju Published by Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1985, price £ 12.95, hardcover, ISBN 0-85226-306-0 UNSTEADY FLOW CALCULATIONS Applied Hydraulics Numerical Simulation of the Unsteady Flow by S. Hancu et al. Editura Technica, Bucuresti - 1985. 685 pages, Price 56 Lei. DEVELOPMENTS IN HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING - 3 by P. Novak Elsevier Applied Science Publishers Ltd., Crown House, Linton Road, Barking, Essex 1G11 8JU, U.K., 318 pages, price £ 40.- URBAN DRAINAGE CATCHMENTS AND URBAN DRAINAGE MODELLING Editors C. Maksimovic and M. Radojkovic Published by Pergamon Press Ltd., Headington Mill Hall, Oxford 0X3 OBW, U.K., 540 pages, hard cover, price £ 70 ADVANCES IN WATER ENGINEERING by T. H. Y. Tebbutt Published by Elsevier Applied Science Publishers Ltd., Crown House, Linton Road, Barking, Essex 1G11 OSA, U.K., price £ 35.-, hardcover TABLES OF PROGRESSIVE GRAVITY WAVES by J. M. Williams Longman Group Limited, Longman House, Burnt Mill, Harlow, Essex CM20 2JE, U.K., price £ 50.- nett. hardback, ISBN 0-27308-733-9 REVIEW OF ADVANCES IN HYDROSCIENCE Published by Academic Press Inc. (London) Ltd., 24-28 Oval road, London NW1 7DX, 344 pages, hard cover, Price £ 85.


Year: 1986

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