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Quantitative Evaluation of Water and Substances Cycle in the Upper River Basin of Kushiro Mire by Using SWAT Model

Author(s): Hiroki Ohashi; Makoto Nakatsugawa

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Keywords: Water and substances cycle; SWAT; Nature Restoration; Kushiro mire; Quantification

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate water and substances (sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus) runoff mechanism quantitatively in Kuchoro River watershed located in the upper river basin of Kushiro mire. We applied SWAT model, which is sufficiently calibrated to this objective area, to understand runoff mechanism of water and substance cycle in 1940 to 2017. Main results of this study are 1) Substances flowed out from not only Pasture area but also highland area because of rapid surface water flow occurrence and 2) development and river straighten in upper watershed would be influenced to the environment of Kushiro Mire. These results will contribute to evaluate water and substances cycle in whole Kushiro mire and to propose efficient countermeasures for preserving the natural environment in Kushiro River.


Year: 2020

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