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Operating Rules for Temascal-Cerro De Oro Hydropower System in Mexico

Author(s): Maritza Liliana Arganis-Juárez; Rosalva Mendoza-Ramírez; Ramón Domínguez Mora; Eliseo Carrizosa Elizondo

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Keywords: Operating rules; Temascal and Cerro de Oro Dams; Stochastic dynamic programming; Guide curves; Objective function

Abstract: Stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) was applied in order to get operating rules for Temascal and Cerro de Oro Dams in Mexico. The two reservoirs are connected by the“Pescaditos”dike so that was also considering in the process. The objective function conciliates two opposite purposes: to maximize the expected value of the generation benefits and to minimize the spills and deficit condition. The common form to operate a dam is using the called guide curves, they are storage levels established by The Comisión Nacional del Agua (CONAGUA) and The Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) that must be taken into account during the optimization. The operating rules can be expressed as well in monthly graphics as in an operating matrix that can be easily used by the operators and also for the decision makers in the Comisión Federal de Electricidad in Mexico.


Year: 2015

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