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Comparison of Hydrological Data Obtained from Siatl, a Geographic Information System and Network Bandas

Author(s): Irving Javier Acencio Gasca; Ramón Domínguez Mora; Maritza Liliana Arganis Juárez; Martín Rubén Jiménez Magaña; Eliseo Carrizosa Elizondo

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Abstract: Currently hydrological information by government institutions responsible for managing is wider than years ago; because the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) ,the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) and the National Meteológico Service (SMN) have information sources as the Surface Water National Bank (BANDAS) or Computerized Climate database (CLICOM) ,which have been incorporated into organizations responsible in managing this information for statistics purposes such as the National Institute of statistics and Geography (INEGI) by means of the Hidrographic Basin Water flow simulation (SIATL) web application. Although the existence of these sources of hydrological data generates a climate of trust for the people in charge of studies in this area, this is not entirely true, since discrepancies occur between the existing information in the offices mentioned above.


Year: 2015

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