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Predicting Channel Width Using the Basin Area and River Incline with Consideration of Geology Type

Author(s): Norio Harada; Kana Nakatani; Yoshifumi Satofuka; And Takahisa Mizuyama

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Keywords: Channel width; Geology type; Resume' S theory; Mathematical Quantification Theory Class III; Mountain areas

Abstract: It is important to develop a method for predicting channel width in mountain watersheds to compile geographical watershed feature data for use in numerical models to predict sediment runoff. This study determined the relationship between channel width and other factors using statistical analysis with Mathematical Quantificatio n Theory Class III. Additionally, a relationship involving channel width, basin area, and river incline was proposed based on the results of the statistical analysis of existing channel data. The validity of the proposed method was confirmed for a channel in a mountain watershed. Finally, a new theory for mountain watersheds considering geological type was proposed using Resume’s theory.


Year: 2015

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