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Evaluation of Ecohydraulic Effectiveness of an Artificial Fish Nest in an Agricultural Drainage Canal

Author(s): Shigeya Maeda; Hibiki Tanigawa; Koshi Yoshida; Hisao Kuroda

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Keywords: Fish nest; Habitat; Canal; Turbulence; Agriculture

Abstract: Effectiveness of an artificial fish nest installed on the sidewall of an agricultural drainage canal made by concrete is evaluated by observing the instantaneous current velocity and the water depth at various points in the canal. Using the obtained data, the turbulent kinetic energy, the degree of turbulence, and the energy expenditure (i. e. ,swimming cost) by fish in the turbulent flow are estimated at 15 monitoring spots. These spots are categorized into two groups: spots in and around the fish nest are in‘Group 1’, and s pots away from the fish nest are in‘Group 2’. The energy expenditure by fish in Group 1 is estimated as significantly small, which indicates the fish nests contribute to create a preferable fish habitat in the canal.


Year: 2015

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