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SPH Modelling in Coastal Engineering

Author(s): Alejandro J. C. Crespo; Corrado Altomare; Jose M. Dominguez; Tomohiro Suzuki; Toon Verwaest; Moncho Gómez-Gesteira

Linked Author(s): Corrado Altomare, Toon Verwaest

Keywords: Wave force; SPH; Meshless approach; Variable resolution; SWASH

Abstract: The present work aims to demonstrate the accuracy of SPH to quantify the wave forces on coastal defences such as storm return walls. The SPH-based Dual SPHysics code is employed to generate and propagate waves and to study the wave impact on the structure. First, the numerical model has been validated using physical model test data in terms of water surface elevation and wave forces showing a very good agreement with relatively short time series of random waves. Once wave loading on coastal structures is proven to be accurately reproduced by Dual SPHysics, several numerical improvements are introduced to increase the numerical efficiency. First, variable resolution was considered to use higher resolution in a region, while the rest of the numerical domain was solved using coarse refinement. On the other hand, surface wave and velocity field from deep water can be accurately and more efficiently simulated using a wave propagation model coupled with Dual SPHysics. Validations and computational times of all the presented numerical approaches are compared and discussed.


Year: 2015

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