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The Research on 3D Visualization System of Dam-Break Flood Routing Based on Google Earth

Author(s): Maosong Bian; Min Han

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Keywords: Dam-break; Flood Routing; Three-dimensional Visual

Abstract: Dam-break flood is one of the difficulties in the field of flood control and disaster reduction because of its strong emergent and high hazardous characteristics. So it is of great significance to simulate dam break flood routing. However, the numerical result is not very intuitive in traditional two-dimensional dam-break flood simulation system. For this purpose, this paper proposes a three-dimensional visualization system of dam-break flood routing based on Google Earth. First, according to the DEM data of reservoir area and the measurement data of reservoir, we establish a twodimensional dam-break flood hydrodynamic model, and get the distribution of flooded depth on every moment using numerical simulation software MIKE. After that, the system can quickly convert the calculated results to dynamic presentation file in KML format, and load them into the three-dimensional visual interface based on Google Earth and C#, in order to achieve the effect of dam-break flood routing. Meanwhile the system creates a database to save the information of reservoirs and flood situation using My SQL technology, and build detailed modeling for the main area using Sketch UP software to strengthen the reality. The 3D visualization system of dam-break flood routing based on Google Earth has realized the three-dimensional environment scene roaming and the view of reservoir information, and can dynamically demonstrate dam flood evolution process, providing the operation of query and analysis of flood information, and other functions. The system can provide intuitive and accurate decision support information for decision-makers, so as to reduce the dam break flood disaster.


Year: 2015

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