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Wave Overtopping Numerical Simulation Using Open Foam

Author(s): Karagiannis N; Karambas Th; Koutitas Chr

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Keywords: Wave overtopping; OpenFoam; Waves2Foam; Numerical model; K-ωSST

Abstract: A numerical model has been developed and implemented with the open source toolbox Open Foam and the additional toolbox waves2Foam (Jacobsen et al. 2012) ,in order to investigate the wave overtopping physical process on inclined impermeable structures. RANS (Reynolds averaged Navier Stokes) equations are solved in conjunction with the k-ωSST turbulence model ones, while VOF (Volume of fluid) method is used to track the free surface. Surface elevation and depth averaged velocities are obtained from the model and the average overtopping rate is calculated and compared to semiempirical formulae from literature. Iribarren number as a criterion of breaking waves, the slope angle, freeboard in relation to wave height, and the wave steepness are the most important factors which determine the average overtopping rate. According to Kofoed (2002) ,a slope of 1: 1. 73, namely 30o angle, is considered optimal for the wave overtopping and that angle is implemented in the model. A wave steepness of around 0. 033 is regarded as optimal for the maximum overtopping rate as well. Extended investigation on wave characteristics and freeboard was made and the results, which are in good agreement with empirical formulae, are presented herein.


Year: 2015

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