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Influence of the Placement Technique on Double-Layer Cube Armor Stability of Breakwaters Constructed on Steep Foreshores

Author(s): Maria P. Herrera; Ainoha Hoyos; Jorge Molines; Josep R. Medina

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Keywords: Mound breakwater; Cube armor; Placement technique; Heterogeneous Packing; Neural Network.

Abstract: The stability of cube-armored breakwaters, with random and uniform placement, was analyzed using artificial neural networks (NN) .Small-scale 2D physical tests were conducted in the wind and wave test facility of the Laboratory of Ports and Coasts at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) .The tested models corresponded to double-layer cube-armored breakwaters, with null or low overtopping rates in wave breaking conditions, placed on a m=1/10 steep sea bottom. Armor damage was calculated after each test using the Virtual Net method. Results of armor damage were compared for randomly-and uniformly-placed cube armors using NN models. The NN methodology proved that there is no significant difference in armor damage for randomly-and uniformly-placed cube armors with the same packing density ϕ=1. 16.


Year: 2015

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