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Numerical Simulation of Borad-Crested Weir Flow Using a Mesh-Free Method

Author(s): Tibing Xu; Yee-Chung Jin

Linked Author(s): Yee-chung Jin

Keywords: Broad-crested weir; Mesh-free method; Free surface; Velocity profiles

Abstract: Moving Particle Semi-implicit method (MPS) ,as a mesh-free method, has been applied to model many applications. Moving particles are used to replace fixed meshes in traditional methods. The advantage of this method is that the free surface can easily and automatically be identified in complex surface problems during calculation due to its Lagrangian nature. A turbulence model, derived from Large Eddy simulation (LES) ,has been implemented in MPS to model turbulent flows, such as jet flow, and open channel flow over a sill. The broad-crested weir is one type of water discharge measurement devices used in hydraulic engineering. In this study, a broad-crested weir flow is modeled by using MPS with the turbulence model. Numerical results were compared with experimental measurements with respect to freesurface profiles and horizontal and vertical velocity profiles. Good agreements have been achieved between the numerical and experimental results.


Year: 2015

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