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Determination of Riparian Zone Border of Ciliwung River by Considering Meandering Characteristics

Author(s): Hendra Ramdhani; Faris Setiawan

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Keywords: Meandering river; Riparian zone; B/H ratio; River bank; Ecological function

Abstract: After Indonesian Government Regulation of River had been enacted, it is an obligation for each River Basin Organization to determine the border of riparian zone. This riparian zone border is defined from the edge of the river bank to the floodplain. Basically, the edge of river banks is defined based on water level during bankfull width condition. Target river of the study is Ciliwung River, which is one of the main river in Jakarta. In this river, there are many illegal housing along the river banks, therefore the river banks edges is difficult to be defined. To solve such condition, Indonesian Government Regulation of River allows the definition of the edge of river banks based on consensus by the team which consists of government and communities along the river. However, other issue such as preservation of ecological function of Ciliwung River as natural meandering channel is also need to be considered by introducing technical approach and sharing knowledge from the viewpoint of meandering characteristic. Meandering characteristic is closely related to suitable cross sectional which is usually defined by width-depth (B/H) ratio. By analyzing B/H ratio variability for each cross sections in Ciliwung River, some segments could be classified based on this result which also considered river banks condition and meandering parameter. This classification could simplify the various condition and difficulties in Ciliwung River during process to determine the border of riparian zone.


Year: 2015

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