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Analytical Hill Chart Towards the Maximisation of Energy Recovery in Water Utility Networks with Counter-Rotating Runners Micro-Turbine

Author(s): Loïc Olfatto; João Delgado; Elena Vagnoni; Cécile Münch-Alligné; François Avellan

Linked Author(s): François Avellan

Keywords: Energy harvesting; Picohydropower; Efficiency; Hermite polynomials

Abstract: Existing water utility networks provides a wide, distributed and unexploited hydropower potential. The installation of energy recovery stations on existing infrastructures limits both the required investment and the environmental impact. The counter-rotating runners micro-turbine presented in this paper is a new technology dedicated to the harvesting of energy on drinking water network. An analytical model of the machine’s efficiency–the so-called hill chart–is used to investigate the runners’speeds command laws that maximize the recovered energy on the wide range of consumerdriven flow discharge experienced on water utilities.


Year: 2015

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