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Results of Preliminary Cyclic Loading Experiments on Natural Lake Ice and Sea Ice

Author(s): Andrii Murdza; Aleksey Marchenko; Erland M. Schulson; Carl E. Renshaw; Alexander Sakharov; Evgeny Karulin; Peter Chistyakov

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Abstract: This paper describes preliminary results of laboratory non-reversed 3-point flexural cyclic loading experiments under displacement control on natural S2 columnar lake and sea ice harvested on Svalbard. Freshwater ice was loaded normal to the columns; sea ice was loaded along the columns. The experiments were conducted at -12ºC, 0.1 Hz frequency and outer-fiber stress in the range from ~ 0.1 to ~ 0.7 MPa. The results show that the flexural strength of the lake ice increases linearly as average cycled stress amplitude increases, similar to the behavior of laboratory-grown ice (Murdza and others, 2020). Acoustic emissions detected in sea ice during cycling show a significant reduction of amplitude over 12 hrs, while acoustic emissions in lake ice look similar at the beginning and at the end of cycling.


Year: 2020

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