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Fully Dispersive Models for Flexural-Gravity Wave

Author(s): Evgueni Dinvay; Henrik Kalisch; Emilian I. Parau; Ufr

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Abstract: We propose a mathematical model which describes the time-dependent response to of a floating ice sheet to a load moving at an arbitrary, possibly time-dependent velocity. The model is validated using a number of test cases from existing field studies, such as the field campaign of Takizawa at Lake Saroma and the campaign of Wilson at Mille Lacs. Good agreement between the deflectometer records from the field studies and the numerical simulations is observed in most cases. The model allows for an accurate description of waves across the whole spectrum of wavelengths and also incorporates nonlinearity, forcing and damping. The load can be a point load or have a described weight distribution, moving at a time-dependent velocity. In this respect, the present model is more versatile than existing models for steady waves excited by moving loads.


Year: 2020

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