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Experimental Study on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Dual- Pontoon Breakwater in Transient Wave

Author(s): Xiaotong Sun; Chongwei Zhang; Dezhi Ning

Linked Author(s): Dezhi NING

Keywords: Breakwater; Dual-pontoon; Water wave; Reflection coefficient; Transmission coefficient

Abstract: This study considers a dual-pontoon breakwater that is damaged with open channels regularly distributed along the pontoons. Physical experiments are conducted in the wave flume at Dalian University of Technology to investigate the wave protection effectivity of the remaining part of the breakwater. Effects of the pontoon space on the wave reflection and transmission coefficients of the breakwaters are first investigated. The reflection coefficient of the damaged breakwater generally shows a decreasing trend for larger wave periods, indicating a failure of its wave protection capability for longer waves. Then, the wave height between two pontoons corresponding to different wave periods are discussed. Compared with undamaged cases, the wave height between two damaged pontoons seems insensitive to the wave periods under consideration. Finally, the evolution of wave profiles between two damaged pontoons is further investigated. For short-wave cases, the wave profile along the pontoon has spatial variation, indicating the occurrence of a transverse standing wave.


Year: 2020

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