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Physical Modeling of Regular Wave Induced Horizontal Circulation over a Reef-Lagoon-Channel System

Author(s): Shubin Chen; Songgui Chen; Jian Shi; Yu Yao; Qiming Zhang; Jinhai Zheng

Linked Author(s): Jinhai Zheng, Yu Yao

Keywords: Reef-lagoon-channel; Wave induced current; SVM system; Three dimensional experiment

Abstract: Based on the on-site observation of the topography of Bubble Bay in French Bolivia, a generalized threedimensional physical model of coral reef-lagoon-channel system was established in the wave basin. Velocity meters and surface velocity measurement system were used to analyze current field characteristics at different locations under regular wave condition. Over the coral reefs, the mean current direction is mainly cross-shore, and there is a tendency of increasing first and then decreasing. In the lagoon, the mean current is mainly a longshore one that points symmetrically to the channel. The velocity increases from the two sides to the rip channel first and then decreases. The mean current flows offshore in the chanenl, and increases first and then decreases. Based on the data collected by SVM system, the vorticity diagram of current field is drawn, it proves that the direction that the direction of velocity changes at both sizes of the channel, and wave induced current transforms into longshore current at the back part of reef.


Year: 2020

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