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Numerical Investigation of the Local Scour Process Around Round- Ended Bridge Pier

Author(s): Yizhou Xiao; Guilin Pan; Xiandao Feng

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Keywords: Scour of bridge piers; Numerical simulation; Scouring-depth

Abstract: Scour of sediments around bridge piers by the flow is the most significant contributing factor for bridge failures. The aim of this study is to assess the simulation and prediction of scour processes, both hydrodynamically and morphologically, around vertical round ended piers. The RNG k ε− turbulent model is employed to capture turbulent performances. Firstly, the simulations at previous experimental flow conditions in the literatures are conducted, and results obtained from simulations agree well with the experimental data, thus validating the numerical reliability. The hydrodynamic and morphological characteristics are acquired, including the velocity distributions and bed shear stress. Additionally, the instantaneous scour process around piers are evaluated. This study indicated that a 3D hydromorphological model can predict effectively the scour depth around bridge piers.


Year: 2020

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