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Numerical Study of Brisbane River Estuary and Moreton Bay Australia: Proposed Coastal Reservoir for Flood Adaptation and Water Resource Development

Author(s): Usman Khalil; Shuqing Yang; Muttucumaru Sivakumar; Mariam Sajid

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Keywords: Flood mitigation; Freshwater; Coastal reservoir; Salinity; Mike-21

Abstract: This study selects the region of Brisbane, River to analyse the adaptation measures against the 2011 flood and water resource development through a Coastal Reservoir (CR) technique. Extreme weather events are one of the significant aspects of South East Queensland (SEQ). The floods history starts from 1806 to recent 2011, after a decade-long drought, the Brisbane River catchment experienced an extreme rainfall event during January 2011 that gave rise to the so-called ‘2011 Brisbane flood’. A numerical model based on MIKE-21 is used to investigate the feasibility of the proposed CR after being calibrated and validated. The results show that the flood level at the Brisbane city can be reduced to 0.58 m (13%) by the gate operation of the CR and can be reduced to 1.13 m (28%) by the joint operation of Wivenhoe dam, which can safeguard infrastructure damage. Further, the study found that a150 m3/sec discharge can flushed salinity up to the mouth and water can be store in CR for water supply. This study could provide useful information on flood management for the regional community.


Year: 2020

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